Learn more about COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit 

Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is a contagious disease spread by a novel coronavirus. The virus wreaked havoc in the entire world forcing people to stay at home, maintain physical distance, wear masks, and frequently wash or sanitize hands and surfaces. Speedy containment of the virus is essential, and testing helps reduce the spread. COVID-19 test remains the gold standard for diagnosis. From our wholesaler for B2B customers or resellers, you can buy CE approved COVID-19 test kit at an affordable price.
Our COVID-19 antigen rapid test kit is based on the immunochromatographic technology of colloidal gold and uses the double antibody sandwich method to detect the COVID-19 antigen in the human throat or nasal swab samples. the test kit is used for the early detection of the infection and results are obtained within 15 minutes. The Corona test kit we supply has high accuracy with high sensitivity and specificity as well as does not have cross-reactivity with other respiratory viruses. The kit is evaluated, CE certified, 97,6% sensitivity, 98,4% specificity with a simple workflow offering accurate results in just a few minutes. Moreover, there is no need for special equipment and is suited for on the spot testing. For price quotes and queries, please contact us today.