CPE Shoe Cover (Polyethylene) Xingrong - Standard Line

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Product information "CPE Shoe Cover (Polyethylene) Xingrong - Standard Line"

Polyethylene Shoe Covers by Xingrong - Standard Line: Protect Your Shoes from Dirt and Dust

Disposable shoe covers are the ideal accessory for keeping your shoes clean and protected. Whether you work in a medical environment, the food industry, or a cleanroom, these shoe covers are the perfect solution to ensure shoe protection and compliance with hygiene regulations.

Protect Your Shoes with Xingrong's Polyethylene Shoe Covers

Polyethylene shoe covers provide excellent protection against dirt and dust. They are easy to put on and conform perfectly to the shape of your shoes. With the elastic band, they stay securely in place, offering reliable protection.

Disposable Shoe Covers for Optimal Hygiene

The shoe covers are disposable products that offer a simple and hygienic solution to ensure shoe protection. When coming into contact with contaminated or infectious materials, you can simply dispose of the disposable shoe covers and replace them with new ones.

Xingrong Polyethylene Shoe Covers - The Perfect Solution for Various Industries

Polyethylene shoe covers are ideal for various industries and applications, including:

Medical Facilities: The shoe covers provide excellent protection against contamination and infections, making them ideal for hospitals, medical clinics, and other healthcare facilities.

Food Industry: Hygiene is of utmost importance in the food industry. The shoe covers offer a simple and effective way to comply with hygiene regulations and ensure shoe protection.

Cleanrooms: In cleanroom environments, all work materials and personnel need to be protected from contamination. The shoe covers provide excellent protection against dust and other particles, ensuring a clean working environment.

Technical Specifications


100 pieces


2000 pieces


How do you put on Xingrong shoe covers?

Putting on Xingrong shoe covers is easy. Simply place the cover over your shoes and pull the elastic band over the sole to ensure a secure fit.

How long do Xingrong shoe covers last?

Xingrong shoe covers are disposable products and should be disposed of after each use.

Are Xingrong shoe covers reusable?

No, Xingrong shoe covers are disposable products and should be disposed of after each use to ensure optimal hygiene.

What sizes are Xingrong shoe covers available in?

Xingrong shoe covers are available in one universal size that fits most shoe sizes perfectly.

Can the Xingrong shoe covers be worn over wet shoes?

Yes, the polyethylene shoe covers can be worn over wet shoes to protect them.

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