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FOB Test - Detection of blood in stool

The FOB test is an important diagnostic tool that helps in the detection of blood in stool. It allows doctors and healthcare professionals to monitor their patients' health more reliably and detect any problems earlier.

In this article, we will introduce you to the FOB test so that you, as an affected person or family member, can understand what it does and how its use can positively impact your life.

FOB Test

An FOB test, short for Fecal Occult Blood Test, is a stool test for the early detection of colorectal cancer. It is used to detect occult (hidden) blood in the stool that is not visible to the human eye. This hidden blood may indicate bleeding in the digestive system, possibly from a malignant tumor or precancerous lesions in the colon.

Performing the test is simple and discreet. It involves taking a small stool sample on a special paper. Laboratories then detect human hemoglobin, or human blood pigment. Visible blood in the stool, as well as blood from animal products, such as from eating red meat or semi-raw meat, does not usually lead to false-positive results.

In Germany, the FOB stool test is recommended as a screening measure for colorectal cancer for men and women aged 50 and older with statutory health insurance. Regular testing at annual intervals is recommended.

A positive test result does not necessarily mean that cancer is present. It can also indicate other pathological changes, such as inflammation or benign polyps. Therefore, if the test result is abnormal, further diagnostic measures are necessary. Although the test has a high sensitivity, it can still give false-negative results, especially in the presence of small amounts of bleeding. Therefore, the test should always be used in the context of organized cancer screening programs and not as a sole measure for the early detection of colorectal cancer.

When is an FOB test necessary?

Detection of fecal occult blood by an FOB test is a significant tool for early detection of colorectal cancer. The test also serves as a detection of blood in the stool, which is very helpful in diagnosing cancer risk.

It can catch potential signs and symptoms early that might otherwise be missed. Because it is an occult blood test, only a small amount of blood is needed to detect indicators of suspected disease.

It is advisable to have regular FOB testing, especially after age 50 or earlier for those with a family history or certain risk factors. Such a test can help diagnose problems in their early developmental phase and thus prevent more serious consequences. Therefore, the FOB test is an indispensable tool in the fight against colorectal cancer and other intestinal diseases. Therefore, the question now arises: How does the FOB test work?

How does the FOB test work?

The FOB test uses immunological stool tests specifically designed to confirm the presence of blood in the stool.

This test allows doctors to more accurately diagnose a patient's condition and the type of disease that may be present. These tests can also determine whether or not a patient is suffering from a more serious disease.

Therefore, the FOB test helps doctors and other medical experts in their work and plays a role in many different aspects of healthcare. Because of its value in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, the FOB test is recognized as an indispensable part of modern medicine.

What are the advantages of the FOB test?

These are the advantages of the FOB test:

  • Fast diagnosis: the test provides the result within a few minutes.
  • Ease of use: you do not need a laboratory or special equipment to perform the test.
  • Accurate results: The test is very sensitive and detects even the tiniest traces of blood. This allows the doctor to better diagnose and prescribe more targeted therapies.
  • Cost-effective: since you can take the test without further investigation, you save money on diagnosis.

Because of all these positive aspects, the FOB test has emerged as a beneficial method to detect hidden blood in stool and thus detect diseases at an early stage.

How is an FOB test performed?

An FOB test is used to detect occult blood in stool. This immunological stool test measures human hemoglobin to detect the presence and amount of blood. The test is very safe and effective in checking for the presence of blood in stool.

There are several different types of tests that can be examined depending on the type of suspected occult blood. The most common methods are enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) or a visual test with chemicals, but there are other options for detecting occult blood in stool.

In order to make an accurate diagnosis, it is advisable that you consult your doctor, as he will be able to choose the best method for detecting occult blood. This way, he can make sure that you receive the right treatment.

With knowledge of the FOB test as a basic requirement, it is now worth finding out: What to do if you actually have blood in your stool?

I have blood in my stool - What should I do now?

You have discovered blood in your stool? Don't worry, it's not over yet. This can be a sign of various health problems and you need to get it checked out as soon as possible to prevent serious complications.

Blood in the stool can be a symptom of colon cancer, but it can also be a symptom of other conditions such as hemorrhoids or colorectal cancer. It is essential to make the correct diagnosis early and find the appropriate treatment program.

In such cases, it is advisable to see a doctor and have tests done to determine the cause of the blood in your stool. Due to its potentially dangerous nature, you should not waste time before seeking medical help!


In conclusion, the FOB test is an important tool for detecting blood in the stool. The test itself is not painful and can be performed in many laboratories or at the doctor's office. The result is usually available within a few days, but at-risk groups have a higher risk of receiving positive results.

In addition, we recommend everyone to perform such tests regularly even without symptoms or risk factors - prophylactic action can save lives! In the end, it remains to say that whether you have a positive result or not, the FOB test is simple and efficient and enables us to make informed decisions about our health.

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Frequently asked questions

What is an FOB test?

An FOB test is a medical test that checks for fecal occult blood (FOB stands for "fecal occult blood").

Why is an FOB test performed?

An FOB test is usually performed to detect signs of colorectal cancer or other diseases of the digestive tract.

How is an FOB test performed?

An FOB test usually requires a stool sample taken at home and then sent to a laboratory.

How often should I have an FOB test done?

The frequency depends on the individual's risk assessment. In general, an FOB test is recommended every 2 years.

How accurate is an FOB test?

FOB tests are relatively accurate, but they can give false-positive or false-negative results. It is important to perform the test exactly as prescribed and to follow up with further testing if abnormalities are found.

How should I prepare for an FOB test?

Usually, there is no special preparation required. However, it is recommended that you avoid certain foods, medications or supplements prior to the test.

What happens if my FOB test is positive?

A positive result does not necessarily mean you have cancer. Further testing, such as a colonoscopy, is needed to determine the cause of the positive test.

Can an FOB test be positive for other conditions?

Yes, FOB tests can be positive if there are other causes, such as hemorrhoids or gastrointestinal inflammation.

Is an FOB test painful?

No, an FOB test is usually painless and only requires a stool sample.