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Our disposable masks at OdemShop provide you with comfortable and effective protection. They are perfect for short-term use, ensuring hygiene and safety.

Disposable masks - What is it?

Disposable masks are masks that are intended to be used only once and then discarded. They are made of non-woven fabric, which makes them lightweight yet breathable enough for extended use. Unlike traditional fabric masks, they don't need to be washed after use - just remove them when you're done and dispose of them properly. Plus, they come in a variety of colors, so you can always find one to match your style!

Wearing a disposable mask is not only beneficial for yourself, but for others around you as well! By covering yourself with a disposable mask, you help reduce the risk of transmitting viruses or bacteria through contact with surfaces and people. So if you're looking for a way to protect yourself while helping others stay healthy, consider incorporating disposable masks into your daily routine!

The medical face mask: a disposable mask.

According to a recent statistic, more than 100 million disposable masks have been manufactured worldwide in the last two years. These masks are intended for both private use and for medical personnel and meet European standards that apply to applicable safety standards. They can be used in medical and healthcare settings to minimize the risk of infection.

A disposable mask consists of three layers: an outer layer of non-woven fabric, a filtering agent, and the inner layer of polypropylene fabric or cotton. These materials provide a high degree of breathability and a maximum level of safety from bacteria and other particles that could enter the mask. In addition, all disposable mask types are lightweight and comfortable to wear and provide an effective barrier against aerosols and liquid particles.

Due to the ever-increasing demand for such products, their proliferation has been rapid. Therefore, today there is a rich selection of medical products with high standards that guarantee general satisfaction. Therefore, when buying, you can be sure that you are getting quality goods. In addition, it is important to ensure that our colleagues are properly protected in the workplace to avoid unpleasant consequences.

A wide range of safe disposable masks

There are various types of disposable masks on the market, including layered disposable masks, high-quality disposable masks and hygienic masks as disposable masks. The selection of medical face masks is impressive - you can easily find suitable products.

Disposable medical masks provide high protection against bacteria, viruses and other microbiological particles. They also allow you to breathe in public areas or places with large numbers of people while getting clean air.

Hygienic masks as disposable products also provide excellent results in protecting against pathogens. These types of masks are especially useful for healthcare groups such as rescue workers, paramedics, etc., as they can help prevent infections as well as prevent the spread of the same in certain conditions.

With this, you have everything you need to protect your family or colleagues while maintaining your well-being. Now we continue with ideal protection: FFP, FFP2 and FFP3 mask types offer even more safety!

Ideal for your own protection: FFP, FFP2 and FFP3 masks

One's own protection should be the top priority - and that also applies to the right mask. To protect yourself and others from pathogens, there is a wide range of FFP, FFP2 and FFP3 masks: filtering half masks, disposable masks with particle filters, and millions of disposable masks. If you want to get the most protection possible, there is no other solution than our professional products. If you want to know more about the types of FFP masks, read our article: What are the FFP masks?

Pleasant to wear: advantages of mouth masks

Our mouth guards offer a comfortable feel and many advantages. They are made of soft and breathable materials that provide a comfortable feel. They are lightweight, comfortable, and flexible so they conform to the shape of the face for comfortable wear. They are also durable and washable, so you can use them repeatedly. They are also easy to wear and provide an effective barrier to protect you and others.

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Our high quality disposable masks are the perfect product to ensure reliable protection at work and in everyday life. They are made of breathable material and provide the comfort expected from medical face mask. Each of our masks is CE marked, which confirms the quality of the product according to European standards. With easily adjustable ear hooks, we can promise you a perfect fit. Our reputation as a manufacturer of high quality mouth guard mask has been undisputed for many years. The results speak for themselves: comfort and safety in a stunning range of colors and designs! We are already looking forward to your order and offer you a wide range of safe disposable masks - so that you are well protected everywhere!

Rely on our wide selection of masks: buy medical face masks and surgical masks

Our selection of masks will help you provide the protection that's important to you and others. We have an extensive collection of medical face masks, as well as surgical masks in a wide variety of sizes for children and adults. Count on our excellent service and guarantee of quality with shipping!

Disposable masks offer a high level of safety for short-term use. Thanks to their useful design, they are easy to use, allowing for more effective implementation of safety measures. With a variety of different styles associated with disposable masks, you can get exactly what you need. Our range of disposable masks consists of products that are specifically designed for one-time use and provide an optimal barrier against germs and bacteria.

So are you looking for the perfect protection? The medical face mask: disposable is the answer! Choose us now to find everything you need - from head guards to mouth masks - to keep you protected against infectious diseases at all times.

Professional use of disposable masks in different industries

Disposable masks are a very important protective measure for those who work in a wide variety of industries. They can help prevent injury and illness by reducing contact with harmful substances or environmental particles. The construction of disposable masks is designed to provide comfortable wear and protect the user's head from external hazards. There are also special shaped masks related to the European standard EN 149:2001+, which meet the valid standards for FFP2 masks - filters with a high degree of separation.

Most disposable mask types feature a textured sealing lip and nose hooks that provide an effective seal when used properly. In addition, many models have flexible straps on the side, making it easy to adjust the mask as needed. All of these features make disposable masks ideal for professional use in a wide variety of industries.

This safety product is therefore an indispensable part of occupational health and safety in the workplace and helps reduce the risk of infection. It is necessary to regularly check mask types as well as to strictly observe hygienic guidelines in order to be as well protected as possible against illness and the risk of accidents. With the structure, function and performance of the disposable mask, people can get a little more safety every day.

Structure, function and performance of disposable masks

Disposable masks are usually composed of three layers: an inner layer of fabric, a middle layer of filtering material, and an outer layer of water-repellent fabric. The function of the mask is to filter dust, pollen, microbes and other particles that can be inhaled to protect the health of the wearer. Disposable masks are capable of effectively filtering particles as small as 0.3 µm. The performance of disposable masks depends on several factors, including the quality of the textile material, filtration efficiency and fit.

Disposable masks offer excellent value for money by providing an effective barrier over the mouth and nose while being easy to wear. They help filter dust particles, bacteria and viral particles in the respiratory air stream right on the spot. Therefore, they are a viable solution against viral spread as these novel particles cannot withstand any other form of protection.

The filtration efficiency and leakage of disposable masks are important issues in air quality control. The filtration efficiency of disposable masks depends on several factors, including the materials from which they are made, the shape and size of the mask design, and how they are worn on the face. It is important that mask leakage is minimal to ensure that the air a wearer breathes is filtered. Therefore, it is important that disposable masks undergo periodic testing to ensure that they have the proper filtration performance and leakage.

Certification of disposable masks according to standardized requirements.

CE marking is the final step in ensuring that disposable masks meet requirements. These requirements are verified by testing for breathability, moisture transport, abrasion protection and user protection. All mask types tested are checked for guideline compliance prior to shipment to ensure that each product is of high quality and allows for expeditious shipment. These guidelines provide a framework for appropriate use and application of the disposable masks and offer practical safety when handling personal protective equipment. CE marking is thus the final step in ensuring the safety and reliability of disposable masks.

CE marking of disposable masks - what does it mean?

CE marking of disposable masks means that the masks comply with the relevant European safety and quality standards. It ensures that the masks meet certain protection requirements and can be used safely accordingly.

According to a study from 2020, more than 1.5 billion disposable masks were sold in Germany. This impressive figure makes it clear that the number of consumers looking to improve their personal safety has increased. In order to protect these people in the best possible way, while ensuring same day shipping and Suitable Applications, it is important to know what is behind the CE marking of disposable masks.

CE stands for Conformité Européene (European Conformity) and signals to product suppliers and purchasers that the product in question is approved for the European market. The marking on self-manufactured or imported masks - whether FFP2, surgical or everyday masks - provides information about certain quality standards relating to their protective function and shelf life. In this way, every customer can be sure that all relevant guidelines have been complied with and that the product therefore meets high standards.

Correct fit of the mask - pay attention!

It is not difficult to wear a mask properly. However, if you take care to fit it correctly, you can enjoy comfort and protection. Our disposable masks provide both comfort and safety and are ready to ship the same day - so you're always protected! Make sure the nose and mouth are covered, the elastic straps are pulled tight around the face, and there are no air holes. Also, don't forget that masks get dirty and accumulate moisture throughout the day, so be sure to replace them regularly. This will keep you safe!


Disposable masks, especially 3-ply disposable masks, play a critical role as personal protective equipment to help contain the spread of infection. They provide high filtration performance and help filter both inhaled and exhaled air. These masks are made up of multiple layers that help block particles, droplets and germs.

The use of disposable masks is especially important in situations where the minimum distance cannot be maintained, such as crowded public transportation or stores. They serve as a barrier to reduce the likelihood of pathogen transmission.

Compared to simple fabric masks, 3-layer disposable masks offer higher filtration performance because they are specifically designed to capture the finest particles. Surgical masks are among the most well-known 3-ply masks and are commonly used by medical personnel.

It is important to note that disposable masks should be disposed of after each use to avoid contamination. By using them correctly and disposing of them properly, disposable masks help reduce the transmission of infections and support the health and safety of the community.

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Why are disposable masks important?

Disposable masks are important to reduce the spread of droplet infections and protect both the wearer and others from potential pathogens.

How are disposable masks different from reusable masks?

Disposable masks are intended for single use and should be discarded after each use, while reusable masks can be cleaned and reused after wear.

How should I properly wear a disposable mask?

Make sure the mask completely covers the nose and mouth and fits snugly to minimize air infiltration through the sides. Avoid touching the mask while wearing it.

How long can I wear a disposable mask?

Disposable masks should generally not be worn for more than 4 to 8 hours. Once they become wet or damaged, they should be replaced immediately with a new mask.

Are disposable masks effective against different types of viruses?

Disposable masks can help contain the spread of several types of viruses, including COVID-19 and influenza. However, they do not provide 100 percent protection and should be used in combination with other hygiene measures.

Can I reuse a disposable mask if I take it off for a short time?

No, disposable masks are not intended for reuse. Once you have removed the mask, you should discard it and use a fresh mask when you need it again.

Are disposable masks suitable for everyone?

Disposable masks are generally suitable for most people. However, people with certain respiratory or other medical conditions should consult their physician to determine the most appropriate type of mask.

Can I make disposable masks myself?

It is recommended that disposable masks be obtained from trusted manufacturers to ensure adequate filtration and protection. Making disposable masks on your own may compromise effectiveness.

What is the difference between a disposable mask and a surgical mask?

Surgical masks are specifically designed for use in a medical environment and provide a higher level of protection for the wearer as well as the patient. Disposable masks, on the other hand, are intended for general use.

How do I properly dispose of a disposable mask?

Disposable masks should be disposed of in closed waste garbage cans. Avoid placing used masks in open areas to prevent possible contamination.