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Product information "Xique - FFP2 fish shape mask with CE certificate"

FFP2 Fish-shaped Masks from Xique: Unique Protection for Your Respiratory System

For those who value protection and flexibility, the Xique FFP2 fish-shaped mask is the perfect choice. Thanks to its higher filtration performance and special shape, it provides optimal protection against infection while ensuring a high level of comfort.

Whether you're shopping, taking public transportation, or working in the office, an FFP2 fish-shaped mask is the perfect choice for those who value protection and flexibility.

FFP2 Fish-shaped Mask from Xique - What You Need to Know Before You Buy the Mask:

FFP2 fish-shaped masks have a unique shape that is not only comfortable to wear, but also provides better protection for the mouth and nose. The fish shape perfectly encloses the contours of the face, preventing particles from entering through gaps. In addition, the fish shape prevents the mask from slipping when speaking, providing a better fit and more protection.

FFP2 Fish-shaped Mask from Xique - Optimal Protection with Flexibility

The Xique FFP2 fish-shaped mask not only offers particularly high protection against infection, but also high flexibility and comfort when wearing. Thanks to its special shape, it fits perfectly to the contours of the face, ensuring an optimal fit.

FFP2 Fish-shaped Masks - Why Are They So Popular?

Fish-shaped masks are particularly popular due to their special shape and fit. Compared to traditional masks, which are usually rather angular and uncomfortable, fish-shaped masks provide better adaptation to the shape of the face and greater comfort when wearing. This is especially important if you have to wear the mask for a longer period of time.

The Advantages of Xique FFP2 Fish-shaped Masks

We offer you FFP2 fish-shaped masks from Xique, one of the leading brands in respiratory protection. Our masks are made of high-quality materials and offer a high level of comfort. They are also lightweight and skin-friendly, so you can wear them all day without discomfort.

In addition, our FFP2 masks from Xique have excellent air permeability, so you can breathe easily. The use of active carbon filters also ensures that unpleasant odors do not enter the mask.

FFP2 Fish-shaped Masks - Available at Our Store

We offer you a wide selection of FFP2 fish-shaped masks in various colors and designs. See for yourself the benefits of an FFP2 fish-shaped mask and order from us today!

FFP2 Fish-shaped Masks - Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FFP2 mask?

FFP2 masks are respiratory protective masks that provide a minimum protection factor of 94% against particles with a size of 0.6 micrometers. These particles are the main carriers of diseases such as COVID-19. Therefore, FFP2 masks are particularly important for people who have a higher risk of becoming infected with the virus, such as medical personnel or people who are in close contact with infected individuals.

What are the benefits of an FFP2 fish-shaped mask?

An FFP2 fish-shaped mask has several advantages over traditional masks. Firstly, it offers a particularly high level of protection against infection, as it has a higher filtering performance than simple community masks. Secondly, the special shape ensures an optimal fit and a high level of comfort.

In addition, the FFP2 fish-shaped mask allows for better communication, as the mask does not press so tightly against the mouth and nose, thus guaranteeing better intelligibility.

What distinguishes FFP2 fish-shaped masks?

Fish-shaped masks are made of a breathable material that ensures a comfortable fit. In addition, they are particularly well adapted to the shape of the face, ensuring optimal coverage of the mouth and nose area. This is particularly important to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria.

What advantages does an FFP2 fish-shaped mask offer compared to other masks?

Compared to other masks, fish-shaped masks offer a better fit and higher wearing comfort. The adaptation to the shape of the face also guarantees better coverage of the mouth and nose area. In addition, they are made of breathable material, which ensures a comfortable fit.

Technical Data


Pack of 20

Individual pack

Color: White



2000 masks per carton

Size: 72.5 x 37 x 58.5 cm

Weight: 17.5 kg


Certification, Standard & Protection class

Protection class: FFP2NR

Certification: CE

Standard: EN 149:2001 + A1:2009

Instructions for the FFP2NR mask

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